the clarkes

another day.mp3

november morning.mp3

under your pillow.mp3

hey, little lost one.mp3

face to the ground.mp3

put down that frown.mp3

ordinary sky.mp3



please, please, please let me get what i want .mp3

back to the old house instrumental.mp3

songs written by: johnny marr and steven morrissey
"please, please, please ..." engineered/recorded by peter weldon
performed by: this charming band
"back to the old house" engineered/recorded and performed by peter weldon




all clarkes songs written by:
peter weldon (music) and tony johnson (lyrics)
except for 'another day', written by peter weldon
copyright: 2003

engineered, produced and mixed by:
peter weldon and damien rasmussen.

peter weldon: guitars, mandolin, percussion, harmonica, harmony vocals

tony johnson: vocals

anthony cavozos: harmony vocals

matt greenberg: piano, organ, wurlitzer, trumpet

ian parks: pedal steel on 'november morning'

mike trujillo: bass clarinet on 'put down that frown'

joe bennet: drums

duane ramos: bass

email: peter





she's a star .mp3

songs written by ian parks
copyright 2001

engineered/mixed/produced by ian parks


anthony cavazos

who i am.mp3

upside-down smile.mp3



all songs written by anthony cavazos
copyright 2009

engineered, produced and mixed by:
peter weldon and anthony cavazos

anthony cavozos: vocals, guitar
peter weldon: guitar, percussion
ulf bjorkbom: drums
matt greenberg: piano
john walter: bass on 'friend'
chad oswalt: upright bass on 'who i am' and 'gone'
suellen primost: cello on 'gone'




paranoia song.mp3

song written by david hopkins
copyright 2004

peter weldon: guitar and mandolin

engineered by damien rasmussen
mixed/produced by damien rasmussen and david hopkins












dear margaret.mp3



patrick harte: drums
tim ong: bass vocals
ian parks: guitar
matt greenberg: keys
peter weldon: guitar

copyright 1994
engineered, mixed and produced by kevin moloney